Learning to talk science

My name is Amelia, and I am a recent university graduate gazing at the world work and wondering where I will fit best. My training is in biology and anthropology,and I have recently become interested in how these two fields intersect. I am also interested in communicating science to non-scientists in ways that are both accessible and provide useful information. Communication skills were largely glossed over in my biology degree, so I am hoping that this blog will help me practice writing about science. This is also my first time blogging, so I expect it to be a learning process.  Image

Oh, and I’m also an artist, which would explain why I’m sitting next to examples of my artwork in this picture. I’m sure my artwork will find a way to sneak into this blog too.

The title of this blog “lab bench to park bench” links scientific research to things we see every day and take for granted, like park benches. I hope to demonstrate that these worlds are not separate, but overlap in wild and wondrous ways.

About Amelia

I am a recent biology graduate and current journalism student exploring career opportunities in science communications.

Have questions, feedback, or suggestions for my next post? Put your thoughts here!

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