Art by Amelia

It's not all about  science, I do art too!  ‘Fly away II"-monotype print, collage- $75.00 CAN-9" by 12"

It’s not all about science, I do art too! ‘Fly away II”-monotype print, collage- $75.00 CAN-9″ by 12″

In addition to writing about science, I also do art! I’ve been wanting to share my art online for a long time. It’s not doing anyone any good collecting dust in my closet!

I’m mainly posting my art just to share, but if you see something you want to buy, contact me at and we can make that happen.

I started painting and drawing at a very young age. Over the years my style has been shaped by many years of art classes and camps. I really like drawing portraits, animals and landscapes.

My pastel an acrylic pieces let me focus on realism, while stenciling and monotype prints allow me to be more abstract. I do most of my work in my apartment or in neighborhood coffee shops.


Acrylic Stencils


Oil Pastels

Monotype Prints

Acrylic Paintings

About Amelia

I am a recent biology graduate and current journalism student exploring career opportunities in science communications.

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